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Surveys: Many Are Putting On Extra Weight, Showering Less During Coronavirus Quarantine

(WCCO/CBS Local) -- We are brushing our teeth less often, taking fewer showers and doing less laundry during the coronavirus quarantine, according to a recent study.

And we're also gaining weight. A survey from Naked Nutrition shows the average American has put on five extra pounds since lockdowns kicked in in March. Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed said they've also been eating more unhealthy foods compared to a few months ago.

Meanwhile, Advanced Dermatology surveyed neary 1,500 people in late March, asking them about how working from home has impacted their daily habits and routines.

One in five people admit to brushing their teeth less than normal, one in three say they are showering less and doing their laundry less.

Sixty-one percent of people say that they are doing their hair less and only 19 percent are putting their makeup on every day. Ninety-one percent of people say they are dressing more casually from home, but about half of the respondents said they dress up and put on make up for video conferences.

Other changes in the routine have led to over half (54%) becoming concerned about potential weight gain during quarantine. Top reasons include being less physically active, having easier access to food eating more to cope with anxiety.

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