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Surly To Tap New Beer, 'Thanks Obama', On Inauguration Day

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Surly Brewing Company has announced it is embracing the two-word meme, reflecting on the past 8 years and looking to the future with its new beer, called "Thanks Obama".

The beer, a Winter Rye IPA, will be tapped at Surly's destination brewery starting on Jan. 20, which is Inauguration Day.


Surly says the beer features a new and experimental hop variety, and that beer drinkers should expect a "complex, spicy malt character with candied grape and vanilla cream hop aromas" – along with a little honey and malt sweetness.

"It checks in at 6.5% ABV, and will be the perfect beer to inaugurate your next visit to the Beer Hall. Reflect on the last eight years, look to the future, and enjoy a pint with your fellow Americans," Surly said. "Beer is one of the few bipartisan things left in this country, so please don't yell at us about the name on the internet, even though we know you're going to anyway"

Surly, expecting the beer to be somewhat controversial, goes on to predict reactions to its new beer, including: "I don't like beer and I didn't vote, but I love getting mad online. I live for this. (700 unrelated words about why there aren't enough Radio Shacks anymore.) –@lakevillekeith"

From the looks of the brewery's Facebook post, the new beer is already getting plenty of reaction.

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