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'We Might Run Out Of Them': Minnesotans Buying Snow Blowers Anticipating Supply Chain Issues

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Diamond Lake Hardware in Minneapolis sells a tool called The Ultimate Scraper. The product, used for clearing driveways and sidewalks of ice and snow, is made in North Dakota. With the supply issues in many industries, even something made so close to Minnesota still might run out this season.

"He cannot tell us if he's still going to be able to get the steel to make them," store owner Mark Settergren said about The Ultimate Scraper's manufacturer. "So we bought more than usual at this time in the season, just to stock up and hopefully have enough for our customers."

The same issue goes for shovels and snow blowers. Stores are filling the shelves now instead buying throughout the winter.

"People are really concerned with the supply and demand of a snow blower this year because we honestly can't tell them if we are going to be able to order enough," said Settergren. "They are coming in now, buying them ahead of time, knowing that we might run out of them."

While things you buy at home might be harder to get, auto shops say that things for your car might be more expensive.

"Oil has gone up," said Darin Williams, the operations leader at a Minneapolis Bobby and Steve's location. "We saw an increase in oil. We saw an increase in a lot of things, tire prices. Not a huge increase, but a little bit."

So if in doubt, do it or buy it early. Before Mother Nature takes control.

"A lot of times when we get our first major storm everyone rushes in to get their car looked at and that can mean longer delays," said Williams.


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