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Twin Cities Marathon cancellation had different impacts on neighboring businesses

St. Paul businesses feel impact of Twin Cities Marathon cancellation
St. Paul businesses feel impact of Twin Cities Marathon cancellation 01:40

ST. PAUL, Minn. — While some runners drew cheers for pushing through the conditions, the cancelation of the Twin Cities Marathon had a different meaning, depending on which business you talked to.

"Usually on race day we're fairly busy," said Erin Jensen, a server at The French Hen Cafe. "I would say it brings a lot of people from out of town. They're really excited about the race."

Employees at the French Hen Cafe said past marathons have brought in hundreds more people to their Cathedral Hill restaurant.

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With the race getting canceled, those at the restaurant said they noticed some of their traditional crowd, but it's just not the same.

"Since that race was canceled we had far less traffic, far less people from out of town, and I think they decided to head home," Jensen said.  

The French Hen Cafe on marathon day. WCCO

Just down Selby Avenue, employees at The Gnome Craft Pub said they saw no difference in business Sunday.

Kitty-corner of The Gnome is The High Hat, which opened just nine weeks ago. Since its their first marathon, they didn't know what to expect as far as crowds.

The High Hat's owner, Michael Noyes, anticipated the marathon would actually hurt business, due to Summit Avenue being closed for the race.

"With the road opening up, we actually were busier I think than we expected," Noyes said. "It meant that early in the morning we were a little short-staffed because we projected less business than we got, and we got hit right away, so it ended up being a pretty busy day for us, and I think it was because Summit was opened up."

Meanwhile, along Snelling Avenue, fans are just hoping it's a little more temperate next year.

"It's a beautiful day, just might be a little too hot to run a marathon [laughs]!" Jensen said.

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