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Schools Investigate After Urine Found In Girls Locker Room

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Two schools are investigating after urine was found inside a number of lockers in the girls locker room at Princeton High School, following a football game.

The incident happened after Mound Westonka played Princeton Friday night at Princeton. Mound lost. Mound was using the Princeton girls' locker room during the game, but both schools are still trying to determine who did it.

"I think it's disgusting," Princeton student Taylor Sleen said. "Why would you do that to someone else's stuff? The soccer balls were all full of it and some soccer people's shoes were all yellow and stuff -- it's gross."

According to the Princeton Superintendent Richard Lahn, a custodian typically cleans out the visiting locker room after the visiting team leaves and locks the locker room for the weekend.

However, Lahn said that did not happen. A school liaison locked the locker room Friday night.

He said the girls soccer team discovered on Saturday morning that the locker room had been urinated on.

No one is accusing Mound, Lahn said, and both schools are continuing to investigate.

"We are currently investigating the incident. We have been in contact with school officials from the Mound Westonka School District," Lahn said. "They have been extremely cooperative in working with us to insure the importance of proper sportsmanship is reinforced with students and athletes from both school districts."

The principal at Mound Westonka High School, Keith Randklev, said they are interviewing football players and staff to determine what happened.

"We have the expectation that our athletes exhibit good sportsmanship," said Kevin Borg, Westonka School District Superintendent. "We continue to investigate any involvement of our athletes."

The incident was not reported to police.

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