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Portion Of Twins' Spring Training Stadium Closes Due To Structural Issues

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - Structural issues at Hammond Stadium in Fort Myers will halt Twins' spring training ticket sales for part of the facility, Lee County officials announced Tuesday.

Issues to the boardwalk section of the stadium were discovered through annual routine reviews, and though the county has yet to receive the full results from a commissioned engineering study, officials said it was in the interest of public safety to close the boardwalk.

Hammond Stadium
Credit: Lee County

Lee County Manager Roger Desjarlais called it a "deflection" issue, saying that "if you dropped a marble on the concrete, it wouldn't stay in one place."

Boardwalk tickets will not be sold in the meantime, impacting about 1,700 tickets.

The Twins say there are still roughly 8,500 seats available at the stadium, and spring training will continue as normal.

The Twins have trained at the stadium since 1991.


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