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North Minneapolis community honors Police Inspector Charlie Adams

North Minneapolis community members honor Minneapolis police inspector
North Minneapolis community members honor Minneapolis police inspector 02:13

MINNEAPOLIS -- Community members in north Minneapolis came together to surprise a Minneapolis Police Inspector on Thursday. They say Charlie Adams doesn't just run the Fourth Precinct, he does it as a northsider who cares deeply about his neighbors.

"It's no surprise that on very short notice, as Lisa pointed out, that all these folks have gathered to express how much they care about you and love you and appreciate you because you have been there for all of us and everyone else," Attorney General Keith Ellison said.

Lisa Clemons, founder of A Mother's Love, made sure all whom Inspector Adams touched during his decades of serving as a police officer were present.

"You have been a citizen of the northside. You have been a friend to the people. You've been wherever we've needed you to be," Spike Moss said. "You have a flawless and clean record of being a good human being and a good citizen."

The community was honored to tell stories of Adams's work and impact on community.

"If it's a hostage situation a shooting a homicide a mental health he has no problem understanding what both and mean and bringing us all into those spaces so that we give proper care to the people in our community," Clemmons said.

Many credit Adams for helping MPD look more like the community it serves.

"In recruiting, he brought on a lot of Black officers, a lot of Native American officers. He did an excellent job of diversifying this department," Lt. Richard Zimmerman said.

Adams's mentorship of young people as an assistant coach at Minneapolis North High School did not go unnoticed, nor did his mentoring of many in MPD.

His family, all who have or do wear the uniform, is a testament to his commitment to serving and protecting with northside pride.

"Thank you, guys, for your support of this wonderful man and our family," Charlie Adams, Jr. said. "And I couldn't be more proud of a person because he has helped me become the person and the man that I am."

Members of several community groups were also there to honor Inspector Adams.

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