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Morris Day Says Prince Estate Preventing Him From Using The Time's Band Name

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) --Morris Day and The Time is trying to keep its name. Prince and Day brought the The Time together in the 80s. Morris Day shared on social media this week that Prince's estate will no longer let him use the name "The Time" in any capacity.

WCCO spoke with one of the original members, Jellybean Johnson, about the dispute.

"This has been going on for a long time, but I guess this is just coming to a head right now," Jellybean said.

Jellybean Johnson and Morris Day are the remaining original members of The Time. The drummer says this latest feud over using the name is frustrating.

"Morris Day and The Time version, we've been doing this for the last 30 years. Prince never had an issue with us doing it," Jellybean said.

Morris Day posted on social media saying while Prince was alive he had no problem with them using Morris Day and The Time, a name Morris and Prince came up with. His post says people who are in control of the late artist's estate are trying to take the name away from him.

Extended Interview: Jellybean Johnson

Several well-know names showed their support on social media from Jamie Foxx to Flo Rida.

Jellybean shared what he thinks happened now.

"Well, it's just Prince died. He passed away and it changed the whole dynamic of everything," Jellybean said.

In a statement, the Prince Estate said:

"Given Prince's longstanding history with Morris Day and what the Estate thought were amicable discussions, The Prince Estate was surprised and disappointed to see his recent post. The Estate is open to working proactively with Morris to resolve this matter. However, the information that he shared is not entirely accurate."

Day posted again, to say the Estate is trying to discredit his claim.

Jellybean hopes this all gets worked out.

"The Time to me now is my livelihood. I'ma just be honest, even here at 65-years-old.

He said he hopes it gets rectified.

Prince's family members say they don't have anything to with this.


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