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More Injuries As Runners Head Outside

By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV

-- No matter how cold it gets, hardcore runners will always train. So, this winter has been rough.

Doctors across the metro are seeing an increase in people coming to their offices with injuries related to running on snow and ice.

Lots of snow, ice and fluctuating temperatures have left many of the trails and paths hard to navigate.

"I have a calf strain and that's mainly because of the winter conditions, uneven pavement and ice and snow," said runner Eric Hoglund.

Hoglund's training for the Boston Marathon is on hold until the doctors at Lyn Lake Chiropractic help heal what hurts him.

They've seen a steady flow of runners coming in with injuries.

"A lot of calfs, foot and ankles, hamstrings and then low back injuries. That seems to be the biggest thing now, due to the snow and ice," said Dr. Jill Field.

Field says running where the ground is not clear is the cause of most runner's pain.

"The foot hits the ground, it has a little bit more wobble to it, because it's not a firm solid surface and then the hamstrings come into play because now we are trying to push off, but when we push off, the foot slips a little bit, "said Dr. Field.

While Field helps heal, John Long, the owner at Marathon Sports, is helping people feel a bit more at ease running in winter conditions.

All his employees are runners.

They've been posting conditions of the trails around the lakes, the greenway and Minnehaha creek on the store's Face book page.

"The staff would say, 'hey, this is what we thought the trails look like today' and update and a lot of people on our face book would make their own comments, " said Long.

Field says most runner's injuries happen in the early morning, when the trails are icy or packed down and wobbly from lots of use the night before.

Her advice for runners: Know your limitations and if your body feels like it is working too hard to run, listen to it and slow down -- at least until the snow and ice melts.

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