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Minnesotans Pack Beaches On The First 90 Degree Weekend Of The Year

MINNESOTA (WCCO) - The extreme temperatures didn't intimidate too many people from getting outside as it was nearly impossible to find a place to park at Lake Ann in Chanhassen Saturday afternoon.

"If you're a Minnesotan and it's 90 degrees outside, and your first thought isn't going to the lake, then you're not a Minnesotan," said Amber Paulson

Paulson took a raft out to the middle of Lake Ann with her friend Piper Miller to cool off.

"Definitely go into the water, it feels amazing," said Miller.

While the air temperature on land was sizzling, the water is still cold from the chilly spring.

"It feels like a snowy mountain!" said Grace Miekle, who was also cooling off with some popsicles alongside her sister, Lily at Lake Ann. Their mom prefers these temperatures.

"We all wanted to go to the beach, especially the girls and dad, so here we are, and I actually like it hot, so this is really nice for me," said Len Miekle.

Dozens of beachgoers were out paddleboarding on Lake Ann on Saturday as well. Dave Beniek and Jan Schmidt tried the activity for the first time.

"If you fall in, you fall in," said Schmidt laughing.

"Time will tell if we get in the water," said Beniek.

After a year of being stuck inside due to the pandemic, 90 degrees isn't keeping anyone inside any longer.

This was also the first day that lifeguards were officially on duty. Lake Ann says they will have on-duty lifeguards daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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