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New Numbers Show Flu Season Not Done Yet

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Minnesotans, you are not out of the woods when it comes to the flu. New numbers show that the Influenza B is making a late-season surge.

In Minnesota: Influenza "A" peaked in January. It has since dropped significantly. But Influenza "B" hospitalization cases have increased and are still high.

The Centers for Disease Control says nationally there are more reports of Influenza B than A.

The Turnerbargan family spent a rainy Monday afternoon enjoying a day at the Hennepin County Downtown Library after a bumpy few months. The three brothers have each battled their share of sickness.

William and Hugo had influenza A. Gus is still battling a cold. The family has also dealt with strep and norovirus.

"Some of it is hard and we take it in stride and just try not infect anyone else when we are infected," Jonathan Turnerbargan, their father, said.

But they aren't yet in the clear. Influenza B is on the rise. Dr. David Hilden from Hennepin County Medical Center says he's dealt with daily flu hospitalizations this year, and the season is not over.

"B tends to come late in the season and it tends to be worse with children so that's what we're seeing now this year," Hilden said.

Dr. Hilden says B is usually little less severe in adults than A, but more severe in kids.

"I think the message is this time of year is to keep your guard up on these transmissible infections," Hilden said.

He says if kids or adults have a cough and fever to stay home, keep hands washed and cough with your mouth covered. Hopefully B won't follow A.

Yes, you can get both influenza A and B in the same season. Even though it's late, Dr. Hilden still suggests a flu shot. He says it's better at fighting B than A.

He also says to definitely plan on getting one next fall.

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