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As February Comes To A Close, Minnesotans Share A Winter Badge Of Honor

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- As of midnight tonight, we can all share a badge of honor.

We will have survived the snowiest February on record and 4th snowiest month since 1875.

It's the shortest month of the year, but this February, felt like the longest.

Dinette from Hastings said, "The weather, it's just been a winter."

It was a winter that made driving dangerous -- and parking pesky. Just ask Spark, who recently moved from Atlanta.

"If you drive, it sucks," he said.

Mentally trying, the weather took a physical toll, too. Dr. Andrew Laudenbach works in emergency medicine at HCMC.

"Broken bones, dislocations, sprains, bruises, head injuries, back pain," Laudenbach said.

Hundreds ended up in emergency rooms and thousands ended up in ditches. It was all because of 38.9 inches of snow.

WCCO Meteorologist Matt Brickman said, "There has been a fair amount of misplaced rage directed at me."

He's had to be the bearer of bad news again and again and again.

"I get it, some of it is part of the job, but where do I put my rage? So, can I yell at Shaffer? Is that an option?"

Not everyone was mad at the meteorologists. Some students got seven snow days, and snowmobilers and skiers rejoiced.

John Zobitz concentrates in mathematical biology, teaching classes at Augsburg University.

"Just because it's cold now, doesn't mean it's cold through July," Zobitz said.

He offered some promising news about the spring.

"We could have the jet stream shift north again and that would cause the warm air to come to Minnesota," he said.

Good news for those hoping and praying the memory of February will soon melt away.

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