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Mpls. Family Terrorized By Car Thieves Who've Shot Up Their Home Twice: 'Sleep Is Not A Thing Anymore'

Originally published on Jan. 5, 2022

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A north Minneapolis family is living in fear.

They stopped an attempted carjacking outside their home one day, then their home was shot up the next night. Their home Ring camera caught both shootings.

The family believes it may be retaliation for posting the video of the attempted carjacking on social media.

"It's been tough to focus on work, and sleep is not a thing anymore," said the family's mom.

This mother of three fears what will happen to her family next after experiencing two nights of terror. She does not want to share her identity, but she does share video of why she now constantly lives in fear.

It was Dec. 28. Mom is up early, and her next-door neighbor is warming up her car.

"I look out the window, you know, and there's guys standing there trying to, you know, open the car door from the inside, trying to climb into the window," she said.

She gets her husband up, he ran downstairs and opened the front door. The video picks up the rest of the story.

"The first turned around and shot two shots at him, and so he, you know, came back into the house closed the door. And then four more shots rang out," she said.

Car Thieves Shot At North Minneapolis Family's Home
(credit: CBS)

One of the bullets made it inside the home.

"My 2 year old is laying in the bed and my 6 year old is laying up top him, and the bullet comes right, you know, in between the two of them," she said.

The next morning, two men returned.

"Our neighbors are like 'They got out, they shot directly at your house seven times and sped off.' There's children behind these walls, there's working families behind these walls," she said. "There's good people that are living right here in this community that does not want to see it like this. The only way that things are going to stop is if the community gets together with the police and figure out a plan."

She also believes community can control its own destiny by owning up to what it can control.

"Speak up. We know these kids, we know these babies in our community, we know our brothers and sisters and cousins and friends who are out here doing this stuff," she said. "We know who these people are. Why are we acting like we don't know? Why are we turning a blind eye? That shouldn't be happening."

The family continues to wait for police to respond to their concerns. The Minneapolis Police Department tells WCCO the case has yet to be assigned to a detective.

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