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Fishing Opener Tip 2: Luring In The Big Fish

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Saturday's the big Minnesota Fishing Opener, and everybody's always wondering what's the best way to lure in the big ones?

WCCO's Mike Max has more on the new and the old.

Fishing has followed society in its ever evolving technology craze. Electronics are common place, but it's not as simple as plug in and activate for success.

"They need to have somebody mentor them and kind of teach them how to set it up with the right settings for sensitivity, for depth, what to look for," Fishing Guide Steve Carney said. "There's a lot of settings you have to make in there. Most guys don't read the book. Guys don't read manuals."

What you look for are signs, of schools of fish.

"I don't stop for single fish or two fish. I stop for clusters of fish because there's always a biter or two in that bunch that I can take out of there," Carney said.

While live bait is popular and maybe a bit hard to find this year, Carney has turned back the clock on what is his now lure of choice.

Originally produced in the 40s and 50s, made of deer hair.

"They've lost to the old-timers from the old days and I've done so well on them," Carney said.

In his estimation, perfect for walleye and more.

"It's a bait in the water that looks exactly like a shiner minnow," Carney said. "It's got this undulation that only deer hair can do under water, and it's an amazing bait."

Sounds like a cure for one of my colleagues. Just saying.

"Frank Vascellaro and I have always fish contests and I've kind of dominated and this is the kind of thing that the friend in me wants to show him this lure. The competitor doesn't. Could he catch fish with this lure? Is it that simple?" Mike Max asked Carney.

"I don't know what his aptitude is but I heard it's not the greatest," Carney said jokingly. "So I think I'd have to work with him for a while."

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