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Mosquitoes Mostly Missing, But Twin Cities Thick With Ticks

Originally published on May 24

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Insect inspectors say mosquitoes are still mostly dormant in the Twin Cities, but ticks are out in droves.

The Metropolitan Mosquito Control District, which surveys the pest populations in the metro area, recently completed its first adult mosquito and black fly surveillance of the year.

"Even though our crews have been finding lots of mosquito larvae in ponds and wetlands, adult mosquito numbers are still low," the organization said.

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While mosquitoes are in short supply, the district said its crews have "been finding many ticks when out doing inspections and treatments." The district said June is "one of the peak months for Lyme transmission because nymph ticks are most active and their tiny size makes them hard to find."

Black fly populations are about where they're expected to be.

MMCD said the spring's rain events have created conditions for mosquito larvae to be "out in abundance." Crews are working to treat habitats and "reduce mosquitoes that may lead to disease and annoyance this summer."


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