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'I'm Not Trying To Be A Hero': Good Samaritan Rushes To Save St. Paul Drive-By Shooting Victim

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Several bullets hit a man going to pick up his dinner outside a St. Paul restaurant Sunday.

The gunshots from the drive-by shooting on Payne Avenue and Magnolia Avenue East at about 4 p.m. startled people out of their homes, including neighbor Ben Jyring.

"We thought it might have been a car crash or something," Jyring said. "Came to see what the noise was about and then there was a guy yelling."

Police say the man was shot three times: in the leg, arm and hip. As he lay in the street, Jyring saw one of his neighbors immediately move to help.

St. Paul Drive By Shooting Payne Avenue
(credit: CBS)

"[He] just ran out, apparently no hesitation, and offered the guy his hoodie," Jyring said. "Tied up his wounds and stuff. The police are keeping the hoodie for evidence now, but you know, it's nice he was able to get there and call 911 right away."

The man who helped says he hopes someone else would do the same for him. He wished to remain anonymous.

"I'm not trying to be a hero by any means," he said. "I'm just trying to be a good neighbor and a Good Samaritan and help people out that need help."

Employees inside Magnolia's Restaurant say the victim -- who they know well because his sister works there -- was on his way in to pick up food. A dishwasher locked the back door as soon as he heard the shots, which didn't do any damage to the restaurant.

St. Paul Drive By Shooting Payne Avenue
(credit: CBS)

The Good Samaritan neighbor says this shooting is another example of the rising crime he sees in the area. He's putting his house up for sale, with his two kids and the rest of his family in mind.

"It's really alarming and, I mean, frightening for a lot of people that aren't, you know, used to an area like this," he said. "I grew up in this area, but even for somebody like me that's been here a long time, it's just time to move on, essentially."

Police have not given a description of any suspects or vehicles.

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