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After 8,300 weddings, Mall of America's Chapel of Love to close

Chapel of Love in Mall of America closing
Chapel of Love in Mall of America closing 02:09

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. -- It's one of the few places you can go shopping and also leave married. The Chapel of Love at Mall of America is closing after nearly 30 years.

Felicia Glass-Wilcox is the owner of Chapel of Love, the beloved venue that had wed more than 8,300 couples since it opened in 1994.

"Before I purchased it I actually came in and sat in on a wedding and realized that it's no different from a wedding anywhere else. It's just in a very unconventional location," Glass-Wilcox said. "When I came in and saw this opportunity was there for second marriages, military couples, you know, people who don't have a budget for a wedding. To be able to provide a service that is nice, intimate and more about the couple."

That's why high school sweethearts Sephra and Denzel decided to tie the knot Tuesday, after 11 years together.


"What's nice about having the chapel here is that it's very convenient, less money, very cozy as well, just really nice, we can really keep it personal with just us and our friends and make that more special for us," the couple said.

Over the years, Glass-Wilcox has seen it all, and has witnessed history marrying one of the state's first same-sex couples at midnight the day it became legal in Minnesota.

"Before it was just a business. But when that happened it became a very personal business because I was proud of it. I was so proud of that fact that I was able to do something that I felt should have been done years ago," she said.

Just as times changed, so have the challenges of running a business. Chapel of Love will close at the end of the month as Glass-Wilcox moves into retirement. Before the closure, Glass-Wilcox wants to thank her many customers over the years the special memories they shared.

"I just want to thank them. It means a lot to me," she said.

The Chapel of Love is having a sale right now on wedding while supplies last, and also on wedding bookings. It's final wedding will take place on August 28.

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