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MACV StandDown Gives Hope To Veterans In Need At Target Field

MINNEAPOLS (WCCO) -- The Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans and its community partners gathered at Target Field Wednesday to help veterans in need.

MACV's StandDown was held at Target Field to help hundreds of veterans find resources to get off the streets.

It was a one-stop-shop for veterans looking for a place to call home.


"I remember I needed so much help years ago and who else was there but MACV," said Marine DelRoy Cooper.

Cooper made it a point to attend this year's StandDown.

In the past, Cooper has come to get help, but this year is different.

"I'm also volunteering because I want to do what MACV has done to help other people," Cooper said. "MACV means the world to me. I'm in a stable housing now, I've been able to pay my rent continuously, so I feel blessed and also think MACV has a lot to do with that."

Others took the time to find out how MACV can get them from living in a tent to a hotel, transitional housing and eventually permanent housing.

"I come here for resources, clothes and assistance like that. This place gives us hope for a better tomorrow because we served and were proud of that," said Lois Long.

MACV's community partners provided help with employment, mental health counseling, medical, legal and for some, a haircut.

"These guys are really good and they are volunteering to help everybody," said Valiant Gordon.

Gordon wanted to share his military experience with a volunteer willing to listen.

"Some great stories from some great guys. Yes, absolutely they have the best stories," said Nich Hoshor.

During the StandDown, hundreds came through the door, some with no place to lay their head, until MACV stepped in.

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