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Leneal Frazier's Family Calls For Justice After Deadly Crash With Minneapolis Police Squad Car

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Family and friends gathered Monday to remember Leneal Frazier, the innocent man who was killed in a crash with a Minneapolis police squad car on July 6.

The officer was in the midst of a high-speed chase at the time with a carjacking suspect, who was able to get away.

The Shiloh Temple in north Minneapolis echoed with cries for Frazier Monday, with many of his family members in attendance.

"My dad was my best friend," his daughter Lanesha Frazier said.

"He meant everything to me," his daughter Jamie said. "Whenever we seen him we was always laughing."

Leneal Frazier's Daughter Jaime Frazier
Jamie Frazier and Ben Crump (credit: CBS)

Attorney Ben Crump, who represents George Floyd's family, now represents the Fraziers.

"I do recall sitting in that courthouse, listening to the testimony of Darnella [Frazier] when she said, 'It could have been my father, it could have been my uncle,'" Crump said. "And then just a few months later, it was her uncle."

Darnella Frazier, Leneal's niece, is known around the world for taking cellphone video of Floyd's death. She declined to be interviewed Monday, but stood next to Floyd's brother Philonise, who said he would not have missed this.

"Darnella Frazier, she really changed my entire life. If it weren't for her, we wouldn't be talking about George Floyd," Floyd said.

Leneal Frazier
Leneal Frazier (credit: CBS)

Crump says Leneal Frazier's death is a wrong that needs to be pursued.

"The sadness of it is we don't think they would do high-speed chases in certain neighborhoods, and if they won't do it in other neighborhoods, they can't do it in Black neighborhoods," Crump said.

Immediately after the crash, Mayor Jacob Frey said the city would review its high-speed chase policy, including in neighborhoods. The mayor's office says that review is still underway.

The Minnesota State Patrol is still investigating the case. The officer driving the squad car, Brian Cummings, remains on paid critical incident leave.

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