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Lack Of Snow Puts Some Christmas Traditions On Hold

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Most of Minnesota will not be waking up to a white Christmas.

Even though winter officially started earlier this week, the winter weather has been slow to arrive. Those hoping to snow shoe or drop a fishing line in a frozen lake will have to wait, possibly, up to a couple of more weeks.

With green grass showing on lawns across the state, it certainly doesn't feel like winter but we are three days into the season.

"Just appreciating the half inch of snow we have right now," said Nick Thyr as he ran along Cedar Lake. "In terms of running, it's nice. If I could ski, I would be skiing."

Rarely do warm weather activities seep this far into December. Minnesotans who want to find the cold weather, and all the activities that go along with it, have to seek it out.

"It's safer than the lakes, right," said Pat Eveland of Lake Elmo.

The Central Park Skating Loop in Maple Grove gives the illusion of a frigid winter.

"I know this is a refrigerated rink, so, it works out good," Pat said.

It may be manufactured but, for the Eveland family, there's an advantage in the artificial.

"We get the zamboni that comes, and cleans it up, and makes it nice for us versus the lakes where it'll be bumpy. So, this is great," Tricia Eveland.

Across town, Jodi Daugherty would much rather see the real thing.

"It's been a warm winter, really warm. The ice is just starting to form on the lakes down here, it's been slow," said Jodi Daugherty, owner of Big B's Bait and Tackle.

Jodi is the owner of Big B's Bait and Tackle and the wait for that deep freeze has never felt longer. Every day the ice isn't thick enough to ice fish is a hit to business.

"Once the ice comes, the business will come," Jodi said.

Yet, Jodi is already seeing a hint of what's to come. While most lakes aren't safe enough to venture out on, one lone ice fisherman couldn't wait any longer. He picked up bait this morning and spent a couple of hours on Eagle Lake in Plymouth.

"Hopefully, in January, it will pick up," Jodi said.

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