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Investigation Underway After Shotgun Used To Damage School, Church In Northern Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The St. Louis County Sheriff's Office says an investigation into a shotgun being used to damage a school has extended to a nearby church – where multiple windows were shot out.

According to the sheriff's office, it received a report on Wednesday from the Faith Lutheran Church, located on the 5700 block of Highway 7 in Culver Township. Tuesday, those at the church noticed damage had been done to the church.

The sheriff's office says it appears a shotgun was used to shoot windows out at the church, as well as siding and the church sign itself. The damage is estimated as exceeding $1,000.

Authorities say the damage appears to coincide with the timing of the damage at South Ridge School, which is just a few miles from the church.

Investigators say the damage at South Ridge School in New Independence Township was reported Wednesday afternoon, but the window was likely shot at before school hours, and from the direction of Swan Lake Road. The school went on lockdown during the investigation.

"The likely timeframe for both, clearly intentional, incidents of damage would have been outside of school hours sometime in the afternoon/evening of Tuesday, October 22nd to the early morning of Wednesday, October 23rd," the sheriff's office said.

The investigation is ongoing, and the sheriff's office is asking for anyone with information on the shooting to call 218-336-4350.


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