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Hopkins Dairy Queen Manager's Act Of Kindness Goes Viral

HOPKINS, Minn. (WCCO) -- Joey Prusak of Hopkins is still shocked after witnessing someone steal cash from a blind man in the Dairy Queen store he manages.

Prusak said while working the register on Sept. 10 he saw the blind man he was helping drop a $20 bill.

Hopkins Dairy Queen Worker's Act Of Kindess Goes Viral

"The lady behind him picked it up really quickly," Prusak said. "I had no time to say, 'Sir, you dropped that.'"

Prusak simply thought the woman was going to hand it back to the man as he struggled to put his cash and debt card back in his pocket.

"I expected to her to be like 'Oh, sir, here you go,'" he said. "But she just stood there and watched him walk by and she then put it in her purse."

That's when Prusak asked her to return the money. She refused saying it was hers and that she dropped it by accident. Prusak argued with the woman and then asked her to leave.

"I told her 'Ma'am, you can either return the $20 bill or you can leave the store, because I'm not going to serve someone as disrespectful as you,'" he said.

The woman made a scene and left after having some choice words with Prusak.

Prusak then helped the rest of his customers, apologizing to each one of them for what had happened.

A short time later, Prusak approached the blind man sitting and eating, and he reached into his own pocket and gave the man $20.

"I felt like the right thing to do was to give him the money," Prusak said. "I said, 'You happened to the drop this.'"

A customer who witnessed the kind act was so impressed that they decided to fill out compliment form on the company's web site.

The anonymous letter said "Joey has forever sealed my fate as a lifelong customer."

That letter went to the owner of the Main Street DQ.

It was then printed and pinned on a cork board for all the employees to see. One employee had the bright idea to snap a photo of the letter and place it on Facebook. That's when the letter went viral.

"People started sharing it and liking it," Prusak said. "And one of my friends saw it and posted it on By Monday morning it was one of the top things."

Prusak said he received a call from International Dairy Queen and was told he'll be receiving "something" in the mail.

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