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'Good Things Can Happen In 2020': Businesses Band Together To Help Transform Non-Profit Workspaces

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - A number of businesses have come together to transform the workspace of a non-profit that helps children with shortened life expectancy, and their families.

The Collective For Non-Profits - comprised of real estate, construction, and design communities - aims to enrich the work a charity is already doing. This year they selected Crescent Cove Respite and Hospice Home for Kids.

"Coming to this place is so sacred and it is so beautiful, and it re-inspires me every time I'm here to what we're trying to with serving our kids and families," Tara Anderson said.

And that's what Crescent Cove wants for all who work for the non-profit. To be in one place. A place that offers help and hope.

"We really focus on making moments with families and helping them make memories," Anderson said.

Administrative staff worked in this office space, off-site. It has no windows and is pretty cramped. Anderson said a board member had an idea.

"We connected with the Collective for Non-Profits and proposed the idea of turning the garage into admin space and they were all on board," Anderson said.

The Collective formed last year, to give to those who always give to others, while pushing their mission forward.

"Everybody just cares a lot. So aside from the five organizations that are directly involved, there are more organizations, more than 20 that are donating their time and energy, services or product to this," Anton Newman with Fluid Interiors said.

What they're doing will transform where and how some staff work, and the design incorporated a big window.

"This will be a state-of-the-art office that has sit to stand desks, a break room function inside of it. It will have an island for storage, so collaborative space," Newman said.

Anderson added, "We're excited because it will be full of color. The one thing we have done here at our home is to make sure that it's a joyful and vibrant place for kids to come and we wanted that to be reflective in our office space too."

Anderson says this will allow their team to become stronger, and to help more families.

"So good things can happen in 2020 despite all the challenges of not being together. This is helping us plan for the future where we can be together as a team in one place," Anderson said.

The transformation at Crescent Cove is expected to be complete mid-December.

The Collective completed their first project for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Click here to see how it turned out. And here's information on how to apply online to become the next space selected.



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