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Gloves Or Mittens: Which Keeps You Warmer?

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Nobody wants frozen fingers or frostbite this time of year.

So we tackled the tough question: Are gloves warmer than mittens?

The answer we got wasn't exactly cut and dry.

At the REI in Roseville, you can find a good pair of gloves or mittens anywhere from $30 all the way up to $275.

There are also all kinds of gloves, like your typical five-finger glove, mitts, lobster claws and your convertible half-glove, half-mitten combos.

Gloves Versus Mittens
(credit: CBS)

"Generally speaking, mittens are better because they keep your fingers together," said Chris Bennett-Gagner, sales lead at REI. "Each finger is warming the other finger, as opposed to separating them out."

But she says if the gloves are too large, it could prevent heating. She says size is a "big deal."

Gloves Vs. Mittens

"If you buy a mitten that's too large for you, your hand can't heat up that space," Bennett-Gagner said.

Gloves Versus Mittens
(credit: CBS)

She says you also want to make sure your gloves or mittens are breathable, water proof and wind proof. So those mittens your grandmother knitted might not get the job done.

Bennett-Gagner also says the convertible half-glove, half-mitten combos doesn't always keep your hands warm. As for the lobster claws or split mittens, they'll keep you warm and give you more dexterity.

Gloves Versus Mittens
(credit: CBS)

But no matter which glove or mitten you choose, Bennett-Gagner says you should always choose a glove that covers your wrist.

"Your wrist really needs to be covered because your veins are close to the surface of your skin," she said.

If your wrist gets cold, your fingers will follow.


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