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St. Paul Group Aims To Stop Ford Plant Site Redevelopment

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) -- A St. Paul organization is hoping to put the brakes on the city's plan to redevelop the site where the Ford Plant used to sit.

At St. Paul City Hall Monday, the attorney hired by "Neighbors for a Livable Saint Paul" presented the group's concerns.

Fritz Knaak, an attorney with the group, says the issue boils down to transparency. "Neighbors for a Livable Saint Paul" claims to have asked the city to disclose its plans for the site. Knaak says they city hasn't given an answer, and this leads him to question the rush to vote on the plan without first giving more information to the public.

"When you're dealing with something this vital -- obviously my clients are residents of St. Paul, they're neighbors of the Ford site, and have a deep and profound concern about how this all comes out," Knaak said. "But I think we all should have a concern whenever there appears to be stone-walling, as appears to be the case here, when there are legitimate requests for information that are not being responded to."

Knaak says the group may take legal action. The St. Paul City Council is set to hear from the public this week. It will make a decision next week on re-zoning the site.

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