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'I'm Just Devastated': Woman Warns Of Facebook Ticket Scam

UPDATE: A WCCO viewer who could no longer attend Obama's event decided to give Skye Taylor his tickets. She says she'll share them with her pastor and his two daughters.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – As if slipping on ice and breaking her ankle wasn't enough pain for Skye Taylor, someone on Facebook found another way to burst her bubble this winter.

"I'm just devastated I won't get to see Michelle," she said.

Her role model, Michelle Obama, is visiting the Xcel Energy Center this week for her book tour. Taylor admittedly waited until the last minute to buy tickets, which put her out of her price range.

"The only tickets that were left were floor seats, so I decided to look at some ticket scalpers," she said.

Taylor visited the event's Facebook page, where she found someone willing to sell her a seat at an affordable price. Using her PayPal account, Taylor bought the ticket.

"When I tried to contact (the seller) for the ticket, asking her why she hadn't sent me an email about the ticket, then she just blocked my calls, blocked my messages."

Taylor feels she was tricked by a person she thought was legitimate.

"Scammers, they'll just post like a random picture and they won't have much of a history on their (Facebook) page or anything like that," she said. "This person had like a full profile, lots of pictures, lots of posts. They looked like a regular person on Facebook. They didn't look like a typical scammer."

Police weren't surprised to hear her story and say sites like Facebook and Craigslist are filled with dishonest people. It's why they implore buyers to only buy directly from the box office or reputable third parties like StubHub, Vivid Seats and Ticket King.

Taylor filed a police report as well as a dispute claim with PayPal. It's possible Taylor could be reimbursed through PayPal since the money transfer site investigates fraud claims.

"I'm hoping that this makes people more aware of what goes on on Facebook," she said.

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