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Dog Reported Dead After Swimming In Rochester Pond, Warning Issued

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Olmsted County officials are alerting the public after reports that a dog died as a result of swimming in a pond that may have blue-green algae blooms.

According to a report by KROC, the dog died Thursday after swimming in Rochester's Foster-Arend pond.

Though the beach has not yet been closed to the public, a health advisory was issued for Foster Arends Beach, which also warned of the potential presence of bacteria called cyanobacteria.

"Blue-green algae blooms are harmful and can make humans and animals sick. Pets, especially dogs, are susceptible to harmful algae because they swallow more water while swimming and doing other activities like retrieving a ball from the water," the state health department reported.

The health risk to humans swimming amid blue-green algae is low, according to the health department, however "adults, children, and animals should avoid contact with water with blue-green algae."


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