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DNR Ups Licenses For 2014 Wolf Season

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is increasing the number of licenses available for the 2014 wolf hunting season.

The DNR announced they would be making 3,800 hunting and trapping licenses available, which is an increase of 500 from last year's seasons.

The organization said that they were setting a target for 250 wolves this year, an increase of 30.

"Estimates show a stable population with no significant change from the 2013 estimate," DNR large carnivore specialist Dan Stark said.

There were an estimated 2,211 wolves in Minnesota in 2013, and 2014 figures show 2,423 wolves for 2014 spread out among 470 packs.

"We will continue to evaluate the wolf population annually to ensure the wolf population remains well established across northern and central Minnesota," Stark said.

The DNR's announcement was answered by the wolf advocacy organization Howling For Wolves.

"There is no good justification for a recreational wolf hunt in Minnesota," founder and president Dr. Maureen Hackett said. "Most Minnesotans don't want a wolf hunt, and the hunt itself on these recently-endangered animals creates chaos for their packs which in turn creates unpredictable effects for wolves, farmers, and livestock."

The licenses will be broken down into 2,300 for the early hunting season and 1,500 for the late season. They will be made available on Friday, Aug. 1.

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