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Denny Hecker May Move To Halfway House

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A former well-known car dealer and convicted con man could get out of prison early.

Denny Hecker's former attorney says the residential re-entry program is made for someone like him.

Hecker went from living a luxurious lifestyle to a life behind bars. In 2010, the car dealership mogul pleaded guilty to conspiracy for sending forged documents to receive tens of millions of dollars in financing. He also pleaded guilty to fraud for diverting money to conceal it from bankruptcy court.

"Mr. Hecker, by his plea, admitted that he was not playing by the rules, he was not telling the truth, he was hiding assets," prosecutors said at the time.

Hecker's homes, cars and property were seized and sold off. As part of his guilty plea, he must pay millions of dollars of restitution.

According to the second chance act, Hecker could be considered for transfer to a halfway house as soon as next week -- anytime after July 4. He's eligible one year before his scheduled release in 2018.

Hecker's former attorney Brian Toder says his client fits the mold.

"He's not a violent offender, he's done his time, he's done well with it," Toder said. "The concept is to have a transition. It's a big step from prison to real life."

Toder said the Bureau of Prisons typically transfers inmates to halfway houses near family, so if Hecker is freed early he would likely be back in the Twin Cities.

"He was a self-made man before, and I think he'll start over again and do very well," Toder said.

A representative for the Federal Bureau of Prisons told me they can't talk about if or when an inmate will be moved to a halfway house because of privacy reasons.

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