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Middle School Coders Create App To Help With Memory Loss

HUDSON, Wis. (WCCO) -- Every 65 seconds, someone in the United States develops Alzheimer's disease. And there is a local group of middle school students doing something about that.

They are part of Destination Imagination at Hudson Middle School. They find ways to combine science and technology with creativity and service to others.

So, they created a memory loss app, and they've have been chosen to compete in a global competition this week.

The students' names are Elizabeth, Ella, Taylor, Esme, Maya, Jacob, and Liam. You can call them "Cottage Cheese Strikes Again."

It's a goofy name they decided on while working on a serious project. The young coders came up with an app for Android and Google Play called Cortex.

Liam Thoreson is the lead coder, he got the idea after his great grandmother started battling memory loss. His pals were on-board.

"We kind of all have someone in our lives who has, at some point, experienced memory loss," Taylor Vandyke said.

The Cortex app allows someone with memory loss to get reminders about daily tasks.

"Voice commands allows people to use the app and not put on their glasses to see," Thoreson said.

The app allows users to call for help, even 911, and sends texts to caregivers when the user has taken their meds.

"We got some information from our family members about what features to include in the app," Liam said.

They've gotten a strong response, people as far as Australia are downloading Cortex.

"It's kinda cool to think you've made something that could possibly save a life," Ella Schienle said.

The students leave Tuesday to head to Knoxville, Tennessee, for global finals.

The team already won App of the Month for February from MIT App Inventor.

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