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Black Friday Underway: Most Expected To Shop Online, But Many Still Shopping In-Person

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Black Friday is shifting online even more this year, as the pandemic keeps many shoppers home and big box stores change their strategies. But it's still a time to get a great deal, depending on what you're looking for today.

Consumer trends experts say it's the best day to get discounts on TVs and appliances, but if you're in the market for toys or computers, you'll want to wait until the weekend.

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According to the National Retail Federation, total holiday sales are expected to increase between 3.5% and 5% despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Online shopping giants like Amazon are seeing their biggest seasons yet, and the good news for shoppers is the deals will last longer.

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If you're venturing out on Black Friday, expect lines. That's not only because many shoppers still love the tradition, but there are also capacity limits under the pandemic. Masks are also required.

According to market research platform, Suzy, a little more than a third of Americans are planning in-store visits.

Check below for some of the deals:

Best Buy
- As much as 50% off some 4K smart TVs
- Up to $500 off certain laptops
- Discounts on major appliances and 10% off when you bundle the same brand

- More than $30 off Fitbit Inspire 2
- 24% off Samsung 50-inch smart TV

- Price cut of "Settlers of Catan" game, and "Ticket to Ride"
- 43% off Dyson vacuum

- Discounted 1-year subscription: $1.99 a month

For Some, Black Friday Felt A Little Normal

In a year like no other, shopping on Black Friday actually felt a little normal.

Aaron Baumann said Black Friday shopping is a tradition for him.

"I always come out on Black Friday, just as a way to get a little bit of extra savings, it's always a yearly thing," Baumann said.

Megan Flaherty said not much had changed from last year.

"It's pretty normal, the only thing is you have to wait outside at some stores because of COVID and everything But it's not too bad," Flaherty said.

Aaron Baumann said he did notice differences though.

"Everyone was wearing a mask, which was comforting. They kept the numbers low in the store, it wasn't like years before where you could barely move an inch. So, I felt fairly safe there," Baumann said.

And with people's comfort levels all over the board, Baumann took precautions to make himself feel safe.

"I have hand sanitizer with me everywhere I go so if I am worried about things getting touched I can use the hand sanitizer, keep my distance, putting myself in situations where I feel comfortable, keeping 6 feet apart, putting it more on myself than the people around me," said Baumann.


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