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Best Historical Tours In Minnesota

Minnesota is so full of history that the surface can't contain it. From underground caves to tall buildings, Minnesota is a huge part of the history of the United States and an important center of the country. Aside from being a land of great beauty and fascinating people, its landscape has helped develop the country and has given birth to a state full of amazing individuals. With such an interesting and important history in the midwest, interesting and important historical tours naturally follow suit. Join up on any of these historical tours and prepare to be educated and amazed.
Wabasha Street Caves
215 Wabasha St. S
St. Paul, MN 55107
(651) 292-1220

St. Paul, Minnesota was one of the major areas of gangster activity during Prohibition. Using the natural caves under the city, bootleggers would transport banned alcohol and host parties in hidden speakeasies. Down In History Tours provides an unusual and fun way to explore the caves and learn about this part of Minnesota history. Tour guides dress in themed costumes and transport guests back in time to help them understand what it was like underneath the city in the 1920's. Enjoy themed tours at the Wabasha Street Caves and really get a feel for the gangster life.

Historic Fort Snelling
(credit: CBS)

Historic Fort Snelling
200 Tower Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55111
(612) 726-1171

Possibly the most important historic attraction in Minnesota, Fort Snelling was a critical military base during the Civil War and World War II. Named the first National Historic Landmark in Minnesota, Fort Snelling doubled as a military post and prison. Today, the area is designated as a state park that runs along the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers. Beautiful nature walks accompany an area of historic buildings. Sign up for a guided tour and costumed guides will welcome you on a living history tour.

Neighborhood Secrets Walking Tour: Frogtown
Minnesota Historical Society
345 W Kellogg Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55102
(651) 259-3000

One of the most interesting and diverse neighborhoods in St. Paul is known as Frogtown. The original home to a community of immigrants that came to Minnesota and got work on the railroad, Frogtown will take visitors through a diverse population and mix of culture. Originally populated by Polish, Scandinavian, German, and Irish residents, Frogtown welcomes large Vietnamese and Hmong communities as well. The Minnesota Historical Society conducts a two-mile walking tour of this neighborhood that is bordered by University Ave and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe tracks. Learn great places to eat and hang out in this community and enjoy the great history it provides.

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Niagara Cave Guided Tour
29842 County Rd. 30
Harmony, MN 55939
(507) 886-6606

Travel to Southern Minnesota and go way back in history. Bluff Country, Minnesota is home to fascinating underground caves and fossils left behind from long ago. Learn about how the land we live in was shaped by water. The cave tour takes visitors underground for a one-mile hike through ancient cave formations and geologic landmarks. Get an overview of the Minnesota landscape and an adventurous tour. Stop by the mini-golf for some more fun on your way back.

Governor's Mansion
(credit: CBS)

Governor's Residence
1006 Summit Ave.
St. Paul, MN
(651) 201-3464

The Governor of Minnesota, currently Mark Dayton, resides on a historic street in a historic neighborhood of St. Paul. The home itself was built in 1912 in an architectural style known as Beaux Arts by a wealthy lumbar merchant. All are welcome to come and tour the historic and beautiful first floor of the building and walk along the street where many of the first Minnesotans lived. Historic Summit Avenue is a great historical tour in itself and can be part of a really neat day learning about the beginnings of Minnesota industry and government.

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Andrea Wodele is a freelance writer who has lived in the Twin Cities for the last 10 years. Her hobbies include exercising, driving kids around, watching Minnesota sports, and reading self-help literature.

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