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Back-To-School Shopping Comparison: Target, Walmart & Amazon

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The cost of school supplies can almost double depending on the retailer, WCCO found.

Christiane Cordero took an Eden Prairie sixth grade supply list to three competitive retailers: Target, Walmart and Amazon. She shopped for the same name brands and quantities as much as possible.

Just one dollar separated Target and Walmart, totaling $58.10 and $57.03 respectively. Amazon cost $103.75.

Amazon proved to be more complex in part because items in bulk come with a better value, but went far beyond the quantities listed on the supply list.

The price difference for some items varied significantly.

Target and Walmart both sold index cards for 50 cents, while Amazon had it listed for $2.31. The same brand of pencil case was $5.88 at Walmart, and $9.99 on Amazon.

Prime members pay an additional $119 a year in membership fees, on top of the extra cost for convenience.

How Expensive Is Amazon For Back-To-School Shopping?

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