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Anoka County man hoping to break record for growing heaviest pumpkin...again

Anoka County farmer hoping to break record for heaviest pumpkin
Anoka County farmer hoping to break record for heaviest pumpkin 01:37

ANOKA COUNTY, Minn. — He has squashed the record twice. Now, a pumpkin farmer in Anoka County is at it again.

Trevis Gienger believes this year's giant gourd could be his biggest yet.

Somewhere in the pumpkin patch rests a sleeping giant that could break the world record of just under 3,000 lbs.

"This one has the size to do the record. It's just a matter of 'does it weigh heavy or does it weigh light?'" he said.

The pumpkin is over 21 feet around. It's 7 feet, 5 inches wide, and 6-foot, 7 inches from toe-to-toe. 

The pumpkin is nicknamed "Michael Jordan" because of its shape.

"It started out basketball round. And, of course it's the year '23, so great name for it. Bu then it grew into this. It's kind of funny. It was very orange and pretty right away, and then it kind of expanded into this beast," said Gienger.

Gienger isn't afraid to share his past success, even spreading some seeds from last year's winner.

"I gave a couple of friends some seeds. And they might actually beat me this year," he chuckled.

In less than two weeks, Travis will load-up and haul his giant pumpkin to Half Moon Bay, California for the big weigh-in.

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