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AAA Expands Roadside Service To Bicyclists

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - The Twin Cities is known as a bike-friendly area, and now a new service is making it even easier for cyclists on the trails.

Roadside service through AAA will be available for bicyclists starting Monday. There was a kickoff event Saturday at the AAA office in St. Louis Park.

Visitors got the chance to learn both bike safety tips and how the new service works.

In the bike repair shop at The Alt in Minneapolis, Tanner Moffit sees all kinds of problems that can slow a bicyclist down – many of which could potentially strand someone miles away with few options for getting home.

"There are so many trails that are really cool and really fun to ride that could scare people to go to if they don't have the means of getting back if something happens," Moffit said.

AAA's Matt Hehl says his organization will have a quick fix.

"Our new bicycle roadside service is modeled just like our automobile roadside service," Hehl said.

The new bike service is an answer to a shift in how people travel.

"We know that the way people are moving around here in the Twin Cities is changing," he said.

The new service will allow AAA members to utilize roadside help if the bike puts an end to the ride.

"You just call us up and we'll come and provide you safe transportation to where you need to go," he said.

The only requirement is that the cyclist needs to meet AAA at a road where vehicles can travel.

"If you're on a trail you're going to have to find where that trail crosses an accessible street," Hehl said.

For Sam Foster, the option means a longer ride in areas he may not have traveled.

"If I'm 20 miles from home, I know I can get home without an extra spare tire," Foster said.

Bikers are already backing the idea, which pedals peace of mind for those who choose two wheels instead of four.

"I think that's a terrific idea," Moffit said.

Roadside assistance will not repair your bike, but offer a ride to where ever you need to go.

You do have to be an AAA member.


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