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A Look Back: How MN Sports Changed Over Mark Rosen's 50-Year Career

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Mark Rosen is retiring from TV after covering Minnesota sports for 50 years at WCCO-TV. So, we thought it was fitting to look back at just how much sports in Minnesota changed and evolved since he began in 1969. Check it out below!

Since 1969 ...

• Since 1969, the Vikings have had 8 different head coaches
• Since 1969, the Vikings have played in 4 stadiums -- Metropolitan Stadium (1961-81), Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome (1982-2013), TCF Bank Stadium (2014-15), and U.S. Bank Stadium (2016- present)
• Since 1969, the Vikings have had 53 QBs
• Since 1969, the Vikings have had 28 kickers
• Minnesota has scored 1,968 touchdowns since 1969 (as of 12/11/18)

• Since 1969, the Twins have played in three ballparks
• Since 1969, 83,604,395 tickets have been sold to see the Twins play at home (the state of Minnesota population is 5.6 million)
• Since 1969, the Twins have had 11 managers

• The Timberwolves first season was in 1989 – 20 years into Mark's career
• The Timberwolves have made 44,520 free throws since 1989 (as of 12/11/18)
• The Timberwolves have scored 232,386 points since their first season (as of 12/11/18)

• Minnesota has had two NHL teams -- The North Stars moved to Dallas in 93' and the Wild's first season was in 2000 (Minnesota went without an NHL team for seven seasons)
• Since their first season in 2000, the Wild have shot on net 38,171 times and have scored 3,582 goals

• The Lynx's first season was in 1999 – 30 years into Mark's career
• They have won four WNBA Championships -- 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017

Gopher Football:
• Since 1969, the Gophers have played in 18 Bowl Games (including 12/26/18)
• Since 1969, the Gophers have scored 1,457 touchdowns
• Since 1969, the Gophers have had 9,551 first downs

What Else Happened in 1969?
• First man on the moon/Apollo 11 mission
• Gas cost 35 cents per gallon
• The Beatles released their famous album "Abbey Road"
• "Sesame Street" debuts (November 10th, 1969)
• Nearly 400,000 people show up for Woodstock music festival
• "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" is the year's highest-grossing movie
• The Manson Family commits their notorious killing spree in Los Angeles
• Brett Favre was born (October 10th, 1969)

We at WCCO-TV wish Mark Rosen and his family the very best in his retirement! Sources provided below.

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