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4 tips to help you save on holiday shipping costs

4 ways to save big on holiday shipping costs
4 ways to save big on holiday shipping costs 02:25

MINNEAPOLIS -- The holiday shopping season might as well be called shipping season. Time spent waiting in line at the post office, and money spent on the labels for those gifts you're sending.

The United States Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx all raise their prices from October through much of January because of the massive volume. That means it will cost you from 30 cents to $6 more, depending on the package's weight and shipping method. 

Here are some tips to save you some cash on shipping.

Ship as soon as possible

Yes, you're crazy busy at this time of year (or maybe you just procrastinate), but the longer you wait to ship, the more it will cost you. If you want your package to arrive on time for Christmas while paying the lowest price, ship it by Dec. 17 for the USPS, and Dec. 14 for UPS and FedEx.

Take advantage of discounts

If you're a AAA or AARP member, you get 5% off at UPS. USAA members get discounts with FedEx starting at 15%. And if you search online using the words discount and one of these companies, you'll probably find coupons and other ways to save.


Not the boat, the website. It's free, with no subscriptions or sign up fees, and it offers huge discounts on shipping labels. For example, WCCO's Jeff Wagner wanted to ship a five-pound package, and it offered discounts of 37% for USPS and more than 60% for UPS. You do need to know your package's weight, but this will save you money and time, allowing you to skip the line at the post office.

Reuse old packaging

We live in an online shopping world. Save those boxes. Save the bubble wrap. Save yourself some money, while saving the environment by creating less trash.

All these tips can make your holiday season less costly, less stressful, and leave room for more fun. 

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