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2 men accused of having sex with 14-year-old girls

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RAMSEY COUNTY, Minn. -- Two men have been charged with criminal sexual conduct for allegedly assaulting three 14-year-old girls.

Anthony Edward English, 28, and Emmanuel Allen Mulbah, 25, each face one count of third-degree criminal sexual conduct. Mulbah faces an additional count of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct. The two were charged in Ramsey County on Friday.

The charges stem from an incident on June 10, 2021 when the two men approached three girls on a New Brighton beach and asked if they wanted to vape, the charges say. After about an hour, English drove the group to a liquor store and bought a bottle of strawberry vodka, put it in a water bottle and gave it to the girls to drink. They went back to the park where they continued to drink.

Eventually the group got back into the car and English drove them to another liquor store to get more alcohol and then to a motel. Two of the victims were in the backseat with Mulbah, who assaulted one of the girls, charges state. After arriving at the Motel 6 in Roseville, Mulbah continued to assault two girls and English sexually assaulted another in the bathroom. During this time, one of the victims said she was so intoxicated she could not remember the details. Her blood alcohol content was recorded as .28 at the hospital, charges state.

Two hours later, the men dropped off the girls back at the park, and a witness said she saw Snapchat videos of a girl performing oral sex on Mulbah in the backseat of a car.

Charges say that while officers were at the hospital with the victims, they received a call from English, who said he had met his friend "E-man" at the beach. He claimed that he didn't do anything sexual with the girls. At the hotel, a victim told him she was hurting, and he thought Mulbah "did something messed up" to her.

A month later, a detective took a statement from English in person, who said that Mulbah had forced him to go to the beach and drive to the liquor store with the girls. English admitted to sexually assaulting one of the girls in the bathroom, the complaint states.

Mulbah, on the other hand, chose not to speak with officers. He is a registered predatory offender, court documents state.

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