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30 Years Ago: A Look Back On Record-Breaking 1991 Halloween Blizzard

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Thirty years ago this weekend, the scariest thing outside our door was Old Man Winter.

The Halloween Blizzard of 1991 is a story that is brought up year after year -- and for good reason. The record-setting storm has become a badge of honor.

Blustery winds and plummeting temperatures made going house-to-house or just about anywhere a challenge, and Halloween night was just the start.

As the Twin Cities woke up on All Saint's Day, the snow picked up, at times falling two inches an hour. Plows couldn't keep up. The roads were buried. No buses were in service. And Cars? They were covered.

By the end of the event, which stretched for days, the Twin Cities received more than 28 inches of fresh snow, the biggest storm still on record.

Everyone who lived here took photos and video of the snow when it happened. We want to see your best images. Send them using the form below and we might feature them on TV or online!

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