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Rain Forecast Clouded In Uncertainty

MIAMI (CBS4) - A Flood Watch remains in effect for Miami-Dade County Wednesday as the saturated ground combines with a few downpours leading to the potential for localized flooding.

The deepest moisture this afternoon remains just south and east of South Florida in the FL Straits and Gulf stream. As of now South Florida is on the "edge" of the moist plume.

Therefore, we can expect more sporadic rainfall and not steady rain; we will even see plenty of breaks in the wet weather today. With that said, any extended downpour will result in quick flooding as the ground has little ability to absorb extra rainfall today.

Overnight and Thursday, there is great uncertainty as to how the deep moisture to the south will evolve.

There are some indications the boundary to the south of the area, containing this even deeper moisture may move north. But, there are equal indications that the area of moisture will shove east, narrowly missing South Florida and drenching the Bahamas.

So for Wednesday night and Thursday, the forecast remains clouded in uncertainty. The best call right now is for periods of heavy rain over areas closest to the Upper Keys and SE coast of our area with less steady rain likely as one moves further north and west.

The one caveat is if this area of moisture does in fact reach us, then periods of very heavy rain and flooding will be likely. The threat is certainly real and will have to be monitored through Wednesday.

There are more clear indications that the deepest moisture, however it plays out Thursday, will in fact move east away from South Florida on Friday; thus the area can likely expect improving weather Friday.

The pattern shift and dry air however is not well defined. Thus, the weekend, although looking better overall, will likely still feature scattered storms with a few downpours mixed with our South Florida sunshine.

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