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Banner Plane Crashes In Northeast Miami-Dade Lake

NORTHEAST MIAMI-DADE (CBSMiami) - A small bright yellow banner plane crashed into a northeast Miami-Dade County lake Friday afternoon.   The pilot walked away from the crash.

The crash happened at 12:47 p.m. in a lake near the intersection of NE 7th Avenue and 193rd Street.

The plane is a Piper PA-25 with a tail number of N138AB. The flight was inbound to North Perry Airport when it crashed into the lake.

Banner Plane Crash Pilot
Pilot Rob Ramirez. (Source: CBS4)

The Pilot, Rob Ramirez told CBS4's Maggie Newland he couldn't discuss the details of the crash until after speaking to investigators, but said he was thankful no one was hurt. "Everything actually came out on the good side, if there's a good side for a plane crash, anyway," he said.

Neighbors were surprised to see the yellow plane in the lake and the pilot calmly walking out of the water.

Alvaro Psevoznik recalled, "I was on the phone with somebody.  I said 'Dude, a plane just crashed in my backyard.'"

Psevoznik rushed out of his house and took cell phone video of the plane and pilot.

Banner Plane Crash
Banner plane crashes into a lake in Northeast Miami-Dade. (Source: CBS4)

"He was very calm. He told me he ran out of gas. He knew he wouldn't make it to the airport so he started to fly around. He just saw the lake and made it to the lake," said Psevoznik.

Ramirez said his main concern was making sure no one was injured. His goal was "not to hit any of the houses or anything on the ground. That's why I chose the water," he said, adding, "It was harder than I thought. You hear water's soft.  It's not, but thank God I was just able to land it wings level and everything worked out good."

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