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Plane Lands Partially On Home In Hollywood

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HOLLYWOOD (CBSMiami) – Pilot Randy Shur said he was on a maintenance flight in his single engine Cessna when he started having a problem.

"Just started losing some power," he said. "Declared an emergency with the tower."

Even though he was a short distance from his destination – North Perry Airport – Shur said he started thinking about the safest place to land.

"I saw there was one car on the street," Shur told reporters, with a bandage around his head and a few bloodstains on his shirt. "There was no children out playing, nobody out on the road."

He somehow managed to land with his tail partially on the fence of a home. Amazingly, there was no damage to the house. One of the plane's tires went for a ride, rolling and bouncing for about half a block into a neighbor's car.

Robert Neftelberg lives behind the home where the plane landed. He saw the plane struggling in the wind.

"It was staggering and it just hit the pole and when it hit the pole, it just spun right there," Neftelberg said.

Neftelberg said he and his family members ran to help Shur and gave him a shirt to wrap his head wound. He said this could have been much worse.

"This is the best that could happen out of a bad situation," Neftelberg said.

Miguel Contreras was inside his home when the plane came down. He heard a loud noise and looked outside to see this.

"I was very, very, scared," Contreras said. "Very afraid."

But fortunately, he was uninjured.

Shur said his years of flying and training made all the difference.

"It's something you train for all the time," Shur said. "Engine trouble, problem with the plane and stuff. It came in handy."

The plane was taken to the North Perry airport where we're told investigators will sort out what happened.

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