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Parade Of Champions Honors NBA Champion Heat

MIAMI (CBS4) – Thousands of people turned out throughout downtown Miami Monday morning for the Miami Heat's Parade of Champions.

The route went down Calle Ocho, Brickell Avenue, and Biscyane Boulevard before ending up at the AmericanAirlines Arnea for a special celebration.

Some fans began showing up to the parade route as early as 3 a.m. looking to stake out a position to catch a glimpse of their favorite NBA team.

The parade got rolling before 10 a.m. and zoomed through much of the downtown area. CBS4 news partner the Miami Herald asked via Twitter if fans thought the parade was too fast.

There was a brief stoppage to the parade as police let some vehicles conducting business with Port Miami to make their way through the parade route.

Some of the reason for the speed was the potential for hazardous weather to start at any moment.

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Nevertheless, the crowds roared with "Let Go Heat" chants and even the Heat's lucky charm, 11-year-old singer Julia Dale was part of the festivities.

"I can't take any of the credit," Dale said. "But I'm very honored to be called that."

In 2006, fans couldn't stand the Heat and several were treated for heat related problems. It turns out in 2012, the story was the same as neither the Oklahoma City Thunder or some fans out for the parade could beat the heat.

According to Lt. Ignatius Carroll of Miami Fire, a total of 44 people were treated along the parade route for heat related problems including dehydration.

During the parade, players, coaches, and everyone else involved with the Miami Heat were aboard double-decker buses.

All of those in the parade were taking photos and videos of the crowds as they passed through the streets of Miami.

Other Miami staff members were on flatbed trucks and in luxury sports cars.

Confetti was fired as each Heat player came through and car horns could be heard throughout downtown during the celebration.

Heat guard Dwyane Wade was near the front of the parade and carried the Larry O'Brien championship trophy in his arms for most of the ride to the AmericanAirlines Arena.

The parade was once again a testament to what Miami can do better than any other city in professional sports, and that's party.

Heat power forward Udonis Haslem said while the official celebration is over; he's nowhere near finished celebrating his second NBA championship.

"It feels great," said Heat power forward Udonis Haslem. "We really appreciate the fans; we appreciate the love. I've still got some more partying to do; I'm trying to keep it real."

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