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President Obama Spends The Night In Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – President Barack Obama  is spending the night in Miami.  He had a long day that started in Washington D.C., continued in New Orleans and ended in South Florida after a busy night of heavy fundraising.

Airforce One arrived late at  Miami International Airport  Friday leaving the president with no time for hellos or handshakes. President Obama got off his plane and into his limo.  Just before rush hour the presidential motorcade affected traffic on major highways near the airport and local streets in Coral Gables, where he first stopped.

"Well I was just going for my normal run around the park over the golf course, noticed all the commotion here and knew the president was in town so I stopped to take a look," said resident Joel Masolo.

The president headlined a series of fundraising events. First for the Democratic National Committee at Segovia Towers.  We're told about 30 hardcore supporters attended which costed the as much as $32,400.

Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist and now a gubernatorial hopeful also met with the president but he didn't pay a penny. He described the high priced event as low-key.

"Just great dialogue. The president's a very open guy and had a great opportunity to talk about Florida, talk about America and what the president's plans are for the future," said Crist.

While local dems schmoozed, inside the Secret Service, K9's and law enforcement surrounded the area.

"We feel trapped, can't go anywhere can't do anything but we're just here waiting to see the president. Hopefully he comes out," said Anthony Toruno, a 13-year old resident.

Environmental protesters also waited outside hoping to get their one on one with the president but that didn't happen.

"Well we're here today to say to President Obama to say 'no' to the Keystone XL Pipeline and i'm dressed up like a polar bear because they are one of the first species that are going extinct because of climate change," said Jim Harper with 350 South Florida.

From Coral Gables, President Obama made remarks at two private homes raising money for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

The president might sleep in Saturday.  He's got nothing on his official schedule, except to board Airforce One and get back to the Capitol at 3:25 p.m."

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