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Historic Meeting Between North And South Korea

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SEOUL (CBSMiami) - An historic summit was held in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un stepped across the countries' shared border for a sitdown with South Korea's president. The two also signed a joint declaration setting some lofty goals, including formally ending the Korean War with a peace treaty.

It was a border crossing 65 years in the making.

On Friday morning, Kim stepped over the line separating his country from South Korea. By doing so, he became the first North Korean ruler to set foot there since 1953.

Kim was greeted by South Korean President Moon Jae-In. The two shook hands, then went inside the so-called 'peace house' facility in the demilitarized zone to begin their daylong summit.

When it was over, the two leaders emerged with a list of shared goals. They pledged to work towards de-nuclearization of the Korean peninsula, a key issue for President Donald Trump's upcoming meeting with Kim. However, neither side offered details on how that would be achieved.

Many South Koreans are skeptical, believing their country is being deceived by North Korea. A retired South Korean general expressed similar doubts about Kim's intentions.

"I think we really need to double check what he is saying, does he really mean he is going to give up all of this," said retired general In-Bum Chun.

Elsewhere in South Korea, a group of protesters gathered to denounce the summit. They said Pyongyang deserves a military intervention instead of diplomacy.I

In the declaration, both sides also declared a stop to all hostile activities against each other. They also agreed to link cross-border railways and roads, and pledged to turn the demilitarized zone into a "genuine peace zone".

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