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Highsmith: Time For Hurricanes 'to Create Their Own Identity'


"I think they have enough talent," Canes legend and current Packers executive Alonzo Highsmith said on the Marc Hochman Show with Zach Krantz of the Canes winning nine or 10 games next season. "I think Al Golden is learning the culture of Miami. I think this coaching staff is learning along the way and it's been a learning process. I don't think you get better as a program firing coaches every four years. At some point you have to stick it out and see how it goes.

"From the attitude I saw this spring. I like the attitude of the players and we've got one thing going for us -- I think we may have a pretty good quarterback. The only thing that's separating Miami from being better than they have been has been the quarterback position... And here's the thing. I think Kaaya's a good quarterback but let's not make him the savior of the program next year. He's a good quarterback. We don't want to put undue pressure [on him]."

At some point, Highsmith thinks the current players need to shed the history of Canes glory and create their own path.

"I think at some point you have to forget about history," he said. "I never did dig into the history thing. Because sometimes in history when you're young players you think by putting on a certain uniform or walking with a certain swagger because that's how it's been done, that they're gonna win games. It doesn't work that way. You create your own identity. You create your own history. It's time for these players to create their own identity, living up to the past of wins."

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