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Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Rallied Support In Little Havana

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Former Vice President Joe Biden stumped for support in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood on Sunday.

"All of you have come from places that took courage to leave. Optimism, determination, (and) resilience," he said.

The Democratic presidential hopeful made a campaign stop at the Ball and Chain. He didn't talk about his opponents in his party, which polls show he's in the lead among them. Instead, he focused on President Trump and his administration.

"Not just him. The administration is going to, I think, put us in a position that is almost not redeemable for a long while," Biden said.

In a head to head matchup, this most recent poll shows Biden clinching The White House. Since he's trying to get there, he's leaning on families in several South Florida communities.

"We need to grant temporary status for Venezuelans to come here now. It's not an argument," he said.

It's a topic that impacts families in our area. Biden also mentioned a multi-million dollar financial package he was working on toward the end of the Obama Administration to help Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

"On the condition that you deal with the corruption of your society," Biden said.

Biden's stop to fire up supporters comes a day after his Democratic opponent, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, made a campaign stop in South Florida.

Another opponent, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, announced this weekend, he lost his voice and was forced to cancel campaign events. He canceled events in South Carolina.

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