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Two Men Found Dead Outside Home In Southwest Miami-Dade Neighborhood

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Two men were found dead from gunshot wounds in the front yard of a home early Friday morning.

It happened in the Redland agricultural area at a home in the 20700 block of S.W. 234th St. which is rural neighborhood in southwest Miami-Dade. One person who lives in the area said they heard six or seven gunshots.

Another neighbor who lives a few homes away from where the shooting occurred, told CBS4 she saw a helicopter circling the area following the shooting.

"Multiple police cars went flying by and I was like, okay, somethings going on," said Jan, who did not want her last name used.

She says she stayed inside of her home during the investigation as a precaution.

"I feel for whoever it was that passed or what the circumstances were," said Jan.

Detectives said the shooting happened sometime after midnight. It was around that time Jan said her dog woke up her, hysterically barking and whining.

Miami-Dade police are releasing limited details about the incident and have not said if they are looking for a suspect or if anyone is in custody.

Detectives left the home shortly after 1 p.m.

Jan said she moved to this neighborhood in the Redlands because it is normally very peaceful.

"We moved here 20 years because we thought it was a safe place," she said.

"I'm assuming the way my dog reacted that she did because every New Years, every Fourth of July, I have to give her a little sedation to keep her quiet and she'll come in whining and she did that type of whine last night," she said.

Detectives spent several hours at the scene and evidence was collected as they try to piece together who targeted the two men and why.

Jan said she knows the family who lives in the home.

"I'm hoping it's not the family members," she said.

The identities of the two men who died have not been released.

Miami-Dade Police said they had no new information to release. They did not say if they are looking for anyone or if anyone is in custody.

Jan said, "the Redlands is a quiet area filled with nurseries. Normally, we have no problems at all."

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