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CBS News Miami's Trish Christakis sits down with UM's Jim Larranaga

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MIAMI - It's been a long and successful season for the Miami Hurricanes as they made back-to-back trips to the Elite 8, and this season pushed it a little father with the Final Four appearance. 

CBS News Miami's Trish Christakis sat down with Head Coach Jim Larranaga, and they talked about recruitment, about the fun atmosphere he makes a priority to create, and how they accomplished something no other team in program history has done, a chance to dance, a spot in the Final Four.

A big part of their success, Coach Larranaga says, is their relationships both on and off the court. 

Larranaga said he didn't put unnecessary pressure on his guys, he wanted more of a family dynamic; and a big credit to that he says is his wife, Liz. 

"She's always been a part of it, she's always helped with the recruiting. Recruits' parents always come on campus and she's always there to answer questions by the moms. The dads always want to talk basketball but the moms want to talk about what they eat, where they sleep, and what the environment is like is it safe? So, my wife has been an ambassador for our program really sharing her thoughts and insights. And then, when we reached the NCAA tournament, she's been the ambassador to all our fans. She's always hugging people and sharing her thoughts and making them feel comfortable because not everyone knows us personally they see us from an image they may have an image of us but we want to break the ice immediately we don't want people to come up to us we go and greet them; plus my wife is the best at that she's a great ambassador." 

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