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Buchanon on Canes: "Don't Act Like You're at Temple"


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Former Miami Hurricane and retired NFL cornerback Phillip Buchanon joined the Joe Rose Show to talk about his new book, New Money: Staying Rich, as well as give his take on the state of Canes football and what changes he would make to the defense.

"Hopefully Al can turn it around because it's not looking good," Buchanon said on 560 WQAM. "For you to have all these top prospects and you don't even have a winning record, that speaks volumes as far as the way you approach and do things."

Buchanon talked of not wanting to watch the games because of the level of frustration from how the Canes have been playing the last few years.

"I try to avoid watching it because it's going to mess up my day and it's hard for me to sit back and look at the way things have unfolded," he said. "I can see the difference between bad coaching. I can see natural things that you should put the players from down south, you can put those players in better position to make plays and so they can have fun and the results would be a lot better."

Asked if there is anything specifically he would change about the defense, the former No. 17 overall pick wants Miami to play to their strengths and talent.

"For me looking at it, honestly I haven't seen them in the spring so maybe changes were made but from I heard no changes have been made. I just think the fact of letting the guys play. The thing that caught me was when Chickillo said that he had to hold up guys before he can react instead of him playing football. Now there are certain plays where you have to use your technique but overall if you have an explosive guy who is supposed to be dominant, you have to let him free and let him play, but coach him up right in certain situations. I just think we need to play to your strengths and play to your talent. Don't act like you're at Temple and you're playing with guys who aren't the most athletic and they're only limited as far as doing certain things. So I think we need to play to our strengths and the athletes that we have."

Listen to the full interview here.


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